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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Is That Your Final Answer?

Overshadowing my pick of Bell over Mormeck (big news in this household considering all of my fellow experts picked the bowed-up Frenchman in what turned out to be a highly entertaining cruiser bout) was the shocking Zab Judah loss to Carlos Baldomir...imagine being a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and being able to jump straight from the $25k question to the mil, provided you get it right...and the $25k question is which weighs more, a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers? You choke and get it wrong and head back to your hood with tail between legs...Oh, and you had told everyone in and out of your hood that you should undeniably be considered the baddest mf'in Millionaire contestant on the you understand what happened to Zab on Saturday night against the tough but otherwise pedestrian challenger...he came in so arrogant and disrespectful that, as they met for pre-fight instructions in the middle of the ring, he gave the Argentinean a classless whack on the thigh instead of touching gloves...unfortunately for Zab, that was one of his more effective punches of the back to Brooklyn he goes with little hope for redemption knowing that his nemesis (and millionare meal-ticket)Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather (PBF) is chuckling with last comment, isn't it interesting how some athletes think their talent transcends the need for sportsmanship and humility until they get their rear kicked for the world to see, then it's about God and faith? I'm sure He would appreciate some props on the front end too...

Of interest to the rest of the universe: finally got my phone/PDA (Pretty Darn Aggravating) activated; will begin novel (modern-day Western) this week (actually going to begin typing already hand-written chapters and go from there); big team roping in Waco next week - went to a smaller roping today and missed my last steer to win it (doh!); spoke with RAP for the first time in too long - good for the spirit; will treat difficult first week of '06 as a sparring session for the rest of the year.

Til next round...


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